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What's new in January 2019

January 24, 2019

More than 20 books have been added to Policy Press Scholarship Online (PPSO), adding to subject areas including Sociology, Political Science, Law, Social Work, and Public Health and Epidemiology.

These books cover a diverse range of subjects, from immoral and illegal practices in the food industry to professional health regulation, and from involving families in social care decision making to the politics of compassion and empathy.

Discover a selection of titles by clicking on the book covers below:

                         Family Group Conferences in Social Work: Involving Families in Social Care Decision Making        A Handbook of Food Crime: Immoral and Illegal Practices in the Food Industry and What to Do About Them        How Language Works in Politics: The Impact of Vague Legislation on Policy        The Politics of Compassion: Immigration and Asylum Policy        Professional Health Regulation in the Public Interest: International Perspectives

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PPSO is delivered by University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO), which brings together the best scholarly publishing from around the world. UPSO is available by annual subscription or purchase to libraries and institutions, so ask your librarian if you have access. If you don’t, then recommend this essential resource to your librarian today.