Resisting Neoliberalism in EducationLocal, National and Transnational Perspectives

Resisting Neoliberalism in EducationLocal, National and Transnational Perspectives

Lyn Tett and Mary Hamilton

Print publication date: 2020

ISBN: 9781447350057

Publisher: Policy Press


Neoliberalism has been widely criticised because of its role in prioritising ‘free markets’ as the optimum way of solving problems and organising society. In the field of education, this leads to an emphasis on the knowledge economy that can reduce both persons and education to economic actors and be detrimental to wider social and ethical goals. Drawing on a range of international contexts across informal, adult, school and university settings, this book provides innovative examples that show how neoliberalism in education can be challenged and changed at the local, national and transnational levels in order to foster a more democratic culture.

Table of Contents

Part I Adult education

Part II School education

7 Nourishing resistance and healing in dark times: teaching through a Body-Soul Rooted Pedagogy

Shiv Desai, Shawn Secatero, Mia Sosa-Provencio and Annmarie Sheahan

Part III Higher education

Part IV National perspectives

Part V Transnational perspectives

14 Education policy and the European Semester: challenging soft power in hard times

Howard Stevenson, Alison Milner, Emily Winchip and Lesley Hagger-Vaughan

Afterword: resources of hope

Mary Hamilton and Lyn Tett

End Matter