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Forgiving: the end of public education

Forgiving: the end of public education

(p.135) Seven Forgiving: the end of public education
The Politics of Public Education
Helen M. Gunter
Policy Press

This chapter suggests that complex forms of discrimination are developing within and external to schools: within-school segregation is happening through the use of data to determine particular curriculum pathways and ability grouping of children; between-schools segregation through the use of data to determine high-status academic schools in comparison with ‘sink’ schools; and beyond schools, where children are separating themselves from school through absence and parents are making proactive decisions to home school. The chapter examines the construction of this fragmented and chaotic ‘system’ by considering the possibilities for reconciliation through examining Hannah Arendt's work on forgiving. The deployment of the Education Policy Knowledgeable Polity to the reforms to public services commons education puts the focus on a form of depoliticisation by privatism where the opportunity and capacity for forgiveness is in peril.

Keywords:   discrimination, school segregation, Hannah Arendt, education policy, knowledgeable polity, education reform, public services education, public education

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