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Natality: the opportunity to do new things

Natality: the opportunity to do new things

(p.69) Four Natality: the opportunity to do new things
The Politics of Public Education
Helen M. Gunter
Policy Press

For Hannah Arendt, education ‘turns children toward the world’, and so ‘it is care for the world, not technical skills or moral development, that is its hallmark’. However, this chapter shows how the trend in this ‘turn to the world’ is usually the first rather than the second case as a form of regulated natality within a segregated education system, where biopolitical distinctiveness means that ‘elite’ children know their entitlements while the majority of children know their place. The deployment of the Education Policy Knowledgeable Polity to the reforms of school restructuring in England enables an examination of direct interventions by the state as a form of depoliticisation by personalisation.

Keywords:   Hannah Arendt, segregated education system, public education, education reform, education policy, knowledgeable polity

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