Philosophical Criminology

Philosophical Criminology

Andrew Millie

Print publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9781447323709

Publisher: Policy Press


This book helps to reveal what questions need asking in criminology and how to best answer them. Philosophical criminology asks big questions about how we get on with one another and what happens when we do not. This accessible book in the New Horizons in Criminology series is the first to foreground this growing area. Criminology cannot be properly considered without the basic premises and ideas which arise in philosophy. The book is structured around six philosophical ideas concerning our relations with others. The six ideas which are discussed are values, morality, aesthetics, order, rules and respect. Building on the author’s theoretical and empirical research, the book considers the boundaries of criminology and the scope for greater exchange between criminology and philosophy. The book is illustrated using examples from a range of countries, and provides a platform for engaging with important topical issues using philosophical and theoretical insights.