Sports CriminologyA Critical Criminology of Sport and Games

Sports CriminologyA Critical Criminology of Sport and Games

Nic Groombridge

Print publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9781447323150

Publisher: Policy Press


This is the first book to provide a critical criminological perspective on sport and the connections between sport and crime. Part of the New Horizons in Criminology series, it draws on the inter-disciplinary nature of criminology and incorporates emerging perspectives like social harm, gender and sexuality, and green criminology. Written from an international perspective, it covers topics including sports scandals and the possibility of crime prevention through sport. American football, boxing, soccer and sumo are all examined. The book considers both Sports Law and the Sociology of Sport and will be essential reading to students and academics in these fields. As well as running an argument about the need for a broad inter-disciplinary criminology and criminologically informed sports policies, it also serves as resource in setting out work from other disciplines that might contribute.