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Subscriber Services

Welcome to the University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) subscriber services. These pages contain information on accessing University Press Scholarship Online, managing your subscriptions, and getting help if you have a problem.

Subscriber Services are only available to subscribers to University Press Scholarship Online (which includes Oxford Scholarship Online). If you are not currently a subscriber, find out how to subscribe.

Services for subscribers include:

  • Access to technical support
  • Monthly institutional usage reports
  • Tools to manage your account - online viewing of subscription information, IP addresses and account preferences
  • Access to comprehensive online FAQs and context-sensitive Help text

Accessing the site

Before you log in to the site:

Technical problems?

Please consult our FAQs first, and if they don't answer your query, please contact us.

Help with using the site

Detailed help is available from every page of the site.

If you can't find an answer on the site, you can also contact us.

Managing your account

To view your account details and subscription information, view or change your account preferences, or to see your institutional usage reports, please select the link appropriate to your region:

North and South America

UK and Rest of world

Usage Reporting

In April 2014 we launched our new usage portal to provide institutional customers with COUNTER 4-compliant usage reporting. The COUNTER 4 code of practice provides an international, extendible Code of Practice for e-Resources that allows the usage of online information, products, and services to be measured in a credible, consistent, and compatible way using vendor-generated data. COUNTER reports are released on a monthly basis and are available for Online resources and Journals. For more information and to access your reports please visit our usage pages

MARC records

MARC21 records can be downloaded here for your institution's full collection.

MARC 21 records are available to download here for all updates to Policy Press Scholarship Online.

Promoting the site to users

We have a range of resources to help librarians promote the site.

Download promotional materials, including posters, flyers, logos, toolbars, and more

Sign up for a WebEx walkthrough – free to you and your users